Welcome to Advokatfirman Z

As a specialist with several years’ experience in family law, criminal law, migration law and social law, our work is always characterised by a high level of commitment to our clients’ interests.

Within family law, we assist clients and offer advice in areas such as issues relating to child custody, child residence and visitation rights, housing retention rights, estate division, maintenance, paternity and enforcement matters. As a client of Advokatfirman Z, you will receive our help in applying for legal protection or legal aid. We also accept private commissions.

In addition, we can be appointed as a trustee and mediator on behalf of the district court.

Within criminal law, we take on cases as public defence counsel, counsel for an injured party and special representative for children.

Within social law and migration law, we often act as public counsel in cases involving compulsory preventive detention and in cases regarding asylum and residence permit.

The initial contact via e-mail or telephone is always free of charge. We speak swedish, polish, spanish, english and french. The client’s interests always come first – so please contact us if you need legal assistance.